The first organizational meeting of the Botanical Society of Westmoreland County was
held at the YMCA in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, in April, 1949. The Society was
officially incorporated on December 29, 1949 and consisted of 54 members.

The current emblem of the BSWC has the protected trillium, however it was the
Pyrularia that was chosen for the society's first journals due to a field trip on December
8th, 1950 that found the discovery of Pyrularia in Westmoreland County making it the
northern most station of this fruit bearing plant in the world.

Current Botanical Society members welcome guests that share their enthusiasm for
Southwestern Pennsylvania's native and introduced species of horticulture to become
members at their meetings which are held on the first Wednesday of the month (Feb
through May and Sept. thru Dec.) at the Westmoreland County Donohoe Center's
Conservation Barn in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 15601 USA.